Orcs have started venturing nearer to the Ironspire due to a series of patrols from the Order of the Rose.

A few people have snuck out of the Ironspire’s courtyard due to panic with Orcs holding the gates. Some have jumped over the castle walls. Some have found an alternate way out.

There was a child attacking an Orc with a large wooden stick and shield. The Orc was striking back.

Word has been sent to the Orc city of Ironhold that the 3 knights will be brought for judgement.

A great number of Brass Kingdom automatons are still running and heading towards the Ironspire.

Four hooded individuals have wandered into the city and have been silent as the grave; they answer no questions, almost as if they are in shock.

The fade has taken some in the courtyard of the Ironspire. It is a larger number than usual and whole groups have disappeared. This is highly unusual. The fade usually only takes individuals one at a time


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