Racial Structures

There are twelve main races that populate Mallarion in any significant numbers. While other races do exist, their numbers are dwindling and they are slowly dying out. A few of the ones more directly tied to Magic directly such as the Djinn, Salamanders, Fey, Pixies, and the Dragons have died out already. With the little magic available in the world until recently, many of them, for lack of a better word, magically starved, resulting in their species’ extinction. The remaining twelve races together make up 78% of the population of races Only the remaining 22% of intelligent creatures are not of these races.

The Orc Tribes

The Five Orc Tribes are the second most populous of the races. The tribes names are Eye, Hand, Foot, Brain, and Heart. When an Orc is born, it is observed for five years and then given to the proper tribe according to the gifts they believe the young Orc to possess. Orcs, although matching the intelligence of humans, tend to be corrupt and aggressive. They often lack empathy follow power, and take by force what they want, but these traits have allowed them to thrive for thousands of years. The Tribes have a definite class structure. At the top there is the Brain Tribe, after which is the Eye Tribe, The Foot Tribe, The Hand Tribe, and at the bottom, the Heart Tribe. They support the Ironpact.

The Eye Tribe is comprised of scouts. Although capable fighters, they only engage when necessary. They are more concerned with intelligence gathering, and report their findings to the Brain, who coordinates all the Tribes actions. The formal title of the Eye Tribe Leader is the Lens. There are rumors of a subsect in the Eye Tribe called the Ear, which is rumored to be a group that monitors loyalty to the tribes and internal security.

The Hand Tribe are warriors, but often this tribe functions as guards and for defense. They rarely will raid or attack, excepting times of war or desperation. The Formal Title of the Hand Tribe Leader is the Glove.

The Foot Tribe are the mounted riders. These are their raiders, cavalry, elite warriors and advance lines in times of war. These are the most aggressive and cruelest of the Orcs, and are utterly without mercy. Any Orc in the Foot tribe are dismissed from the tribe at the least sign of showng any empathy of Mercy. At best they are moved to one of the other tribes. At worst, they are exiled from all Orc Tribes forever, killed, or tortured to death. The Formal Title of the Foot Tribe leader is The Boot.

The Brain Tribe are the leaders and strategists, and judges of the Orc Tribes. All tribes are expected to follow the commands of the Brain Tribe without question. The Orc King is known as the High Mind, the Orc Warlord is known as The Plotter, and the Orc High Magistrate is known as the Arbiter.

The Heart Tribe consists of craftsmen, merchants, farmers, administrators, and all other professions needed to maintain a society. The Heart tribe makes up sixty percent of Orc Society, but is considered the lowest class. The leader of the Heart Tribe is called The Blood.

The Goblin Burrows

The Goblins are divided into Ten Burrows. They have tried to copy the Orc society structure somewhat, but they do not have the intelligence to really do it effectively. Although they are the third most populous tribe, it has little to do with their intelligence and much more to do with the fact that they are continuously breeding as many goblins tend to die young due to extreme acts of stupidity. They support the Iron Pact, aside from the Seed Burrow and Reapers’ Burrow, who abstain from the conclaves.

The Seed Burrow are in theory those that plant crops. In practice they dig a hole, throw the seeds they haven’t eaten in, drown in it water and see if anything grows. Farming is a new concept to the Goblin Burrows.

The Reapers Burrow are those that pick the Crops. They have a pretty easy life as most goblin Crops don’t grow.

The Barterers Burrow are essentially the merchants of the Goblins. They particularly like shiny objects, but rarely have anything of value to offer.

The Makers’ Burrow are the craftsmen and smiths of the Goblins. They are adept at mass producing low-quality goblin items. A Masterwork item for the Goblins is an average item everywhere else. The Goblins don’t quite understand this.

The Pokers Burrow are hunters and soldiers who hunt and fight with spear, sword, and axe.

The Shooters’ Burrow are hunters and soldiers who hunt and fight with bows and crossbows.

The Get Things Done Burrow is the administrative and governing Branch of the Goblins. Their president is referred to as the Yeller, and decides on what Dothings (Referendums) they vote upon. They have a Democratic structure in which votes are taken by Ooohs! (Yay) and Meh (Nay).

The Keeper’s Burrow is likely the most effective of the burrows. It is for animal husbandry, which Goblins have a natural understanding of.

The Chest Burrow maintains the Goblin Treasury and Warchest; it functions independently of the Get Things Done Burrow This often creates major problems.

The Cutters’ Burrow is for practitioners of the Medical Arts. They’ve recently improved to a 65% mortality rate. Seers, Shamans and Magicians are included in this burrow as well for some reason known only to the Goblins.

The Halfling Settlements

The Halflings Settlements all are basically farming communities, each with a secondary specialty. They consider themselves to be a community and while they will work and trade with outsiders, they always do so with a modicum of suspicion. They will always support each other, but they do expect fair deals and hard work at all times, particularly from other halflings. Because of this, halfling adventurers are always looked at askance, and often assumed to be lazy. The Halflings abstain from the conclaves, not wanting to be invpolved in politics beyond their own.

The Cloverfields are basically farmers who not only farm the fields but raise livestock and butcher them for meat. Because of this, they have rudimentary weapons, and double as the Militia for the Halflings, such as they are. For being a very peaceful race, their militia is very well disciplined and could give any decent soldier a run for their money, but their downfall is their limited weapons and armor.

The Overhills, in addition to having the most successful harvests, also are the scholars of the of the Halfling world. They tend to write on subjects such as farming, animal husbandry, nature, astronomy, mathematics, and poetry. They all have large libraries which are built under hillsides, which have vast stores of knowledge in them.

The Underdales grow cash crops including cotton and tobacco. They are also known as merchants, and do very well trading their goods’ with other cultures. They are some of the shrewdest traders around and are especially good at manipulating the market.

The Rivervales are the Fishermen of the Halfling Settlements. They also are crafts men of the highest calibur. While their costs are reasonable, it can take a very long time for them to finish making an item as they insist on it being perfect.

The Dwarven Families

The proud Dwarven Families are by trade, miners and craftsmen. They are staunch enemies of the Orcs, and even the treaties which hold the peace between the races are not enough to stand between a Dwarf and an Orc on the wrong day. No one knows why the Dwarves hate the Orcs as much as they do (outside of the Dwarven Families), but it seems to be a very deep, very personal reason. The Dwarves support the Stone Table

The Dwalin Family primarily mine Firestone. Due to the extremely dangerous nature of their work, they also craft some of the best armor with extra enchanted wards on it. It was estimated at one time that they mined 90%-95% of all the Firestone to be found in the land. They have suffered in the past 300 years or so, as very little Firestone had been found, but six months ago, they have located a new shaft which they claim is full of Firestone. If the claim pans out like many are hoping it will, the Dwarven families power may be increasing substantially.

The Brockard Family primarily mines Sparklestone, the more stable, but less powerful sibling of Firestone. While Sparklestone has been much harder to find until recently, during the long 300 hundred years where magic was almost gone entirely from the world, sparklestone was the flickering flame which kept magic alive in Mallorion and kept it’s fire from going out all together. They also create artifacts which are meant to harness and contain the power of Magestone (both Firestone and Sparklestone), although these artifacts take a very long time to manufacture, and if the stone is improperly loaded or sealed in the artifact, it can have disastrous results, ranging from the artifact not functioning, to it malfunctioning horribly, or even exploding.

The Morgon Family primarily mines raw material for Dragon Powder (Gunpowder). They also manufacture high end firearms, and although Dragon Powder is very rare, it’s extreme cost still makes a large profit for this family.

The Surlin Family mines gemstones and organizes trade between all the Dwarven families and the outside world as well as between the Dwarven families. Because of them, powerful artifacts, such as Sparklestone powered pistols, and Firestone Powered cannons have been created.

The Gimil Family mines precious metals and are the accountants of the Dwarves; they keep track of totals mined for the families, and also craft incredibly fine axes and swords. They also gild items and craft well known Ales throughout the land.

The Elven Branches

There are four Elven Branches, and unlike many of the other races, the Elves different Branches rarely interact outside of a catastrophe. In general, they don’t dislike each other; they’re merely indifferent to each other and in general are self sufficient. The Elves nominally support the Stone Table.

The Elodrim Branch, the Forest Elves consider themselves nature’s guardians, and anyone defacing the forests will immediately find themselves at their immediate displeasure if they are near enough to observe it – a displeasure which may be fatal. The Elodrim seek balance and are great gathers of the food which nature naturally provides – berries, fruits, and rare mushrooms are favorites. Their houses intertwine with the trees and shelters are either exquisitely made, or rough and ramshackle structures made from the natural forms of branches, mud, and stones, depending on the taste of the individual elf.

The Roachim, are the Mountain Elves. They live in caves in the mountains, and are amazing climbers. They often patrol the mountains for signs of trouble, as they prefer a peaceful existance, and often no more than four or five travel together as a community, as they start to feel claustraphobic with more than that about for more than a few hours. They make their living as cartographers, mapping places most others dare not travel. Some also hire out as scouts or lookouts, to help people stay safe.

The Skullar are Swamp Elves. They are solitary, and rarely will more than three be found together. They are rarely Lawful or Good, and tend to be survivalists. They have a grayish skin tone. They often are Assassins or Necromancers, or Druids with a darker bent. They tend not to ask what they can do as a community as what they can take from another to survive. While they can be distasteful, they are generally honorable to any agreements they make, and usually will abide by their word.

The Sandar are the Desert Elves. They are nomadic, and travel lightly. They are some of the most naturally attuned elves and can move almost unseen if they wish. They have an uncanny ability to run on sand, and can tell when sandstorms will be coming. They often make their living by purifying tainted water, or as desert guides.

There are rumors of the Fifth tribe of elves, the underground Drow, but no one has seen a Drow in nearly two hundred years, so it is generally believed the Drow have died out during the period when the magic had waned, like so many other races.

The Merfolk Schools

There are three Schools of Merfolk, and they rarely interact with the landed, excepting when they come to trade coral, and jewels from the sea, and during meeting of the Stone Table, of which they are a member. Not much is known of the Merfolk, but certain things are odd about them, and because of that, some suspect them to be an off-shoot of the (now-extinct) Fey. Due to this, they are often mistrusted. The Merfolk Suppor the Stone Table.

The Salatous (Salted) are those from the Ocean and seem to be considered the upper class of the Merfolk, due to how they carry themselves, and the attitudes they seem to have with other merfolk. They seem to expect to be obeyed by the other Merfolk Schools.

The Fresen (Fresh Skinned) are those that dwell in Rivers, Ponds and Lakes, and seem to be the lower class. They often submit to the whims of the Salatous, and it appears that the touch of a Saltous, or salt applied, to them has a corrosive effect.

The Imprisio (Solo) are those that dwell in Fountains or man-made pools. Once one appears in one, they will not leave until their death, forcibly defending themselves if someone attempt to remove them. They appear to be the lowest class of Merfolk, and are ever found more than one at a time. Unlike the other two Schools, they never are represented at the Stone Table, nor are they ever seen outside of their pools or fountains.

The Gnome Courts

The Gnome courts are thought to be all that is left of the now-extinct Fey, who died off during the time of low magic. They are the Scorchground Court (also called the Day Court, or Court of Light) and the Hoarfrost Court (also called the Night Court or the Shadow Court). They interact with each other, and act much like their now-defunct Fey Counterparts. The Gnome Courts both support the Stone Table.

The Scorchground Court Rules during the seasons of Seedplant and Scorchground and The Hoarfost Court rules during the seasons of Groundfrost and Hoarfrost.

The Scorchground Court is more honest, whereas the Hoarfrost Court is more manipulative, but both are bound by their words. If an oath is sworn, they must stay true to it, no matter the consequences.

Very little is known about the the gnome courts, but it is suspected they stayed alive during the time of Low Magic by stockpiling Magestone and feeding off of it.

The Skinchanger Packs

The Skinchanger Packs are the greatest mystery to many of the races. Out of all of the races, they are the only race who have split their membership between the Stone Table and the Ironpact. 90% are of Skinchangers are wolves, but the remaining 10 % are diverse and can change into anything from, rats to bears, to Armadillos.

The Howlers are the ones who try to cling to their human morality. Most were unwilling ly turned into lycanthropes, and try to harness their animal natures to hunt what would be threats to their villages and towns. They go out at every full moon, and hunt down any threats that would injure those they love as a pack. They are sworn members of the Stone Table.

The Hunters embrace their bestial nature and work on instinct. They will often remove themselves from town before they shift, but it’s often more out of Self Preservation than altruism. After they are beyond city limits, anything the beast says goes, goes. They abstain from being eith part of the Stone Table or the Ironpact.

The Stalkers actually enjoy hunting and killing things, in wolf or human form. They are staunch supporters of the Ironpact and believe the weak exist to be hunted by the strong. The only thing that keeps them in check is the fact the other two packs keep a watchful eye on them, and they know that they would fall to the superior numbers of the other two packs if they ever got out of line.

The Grey Servants

The Grey Servants are intelligent Free-willed undead. They range from Vampires, to Zombie Lords, to Wraiths, and support the Ironpact, but have only recently joined, despite being around for hundreds of years. When they send a representative, they always come in a Jade Mask, hence their nickname, the Jadespeakers, or Speakers of the Dead. There is always only one sent when the Ironpact convenes. Their agend is currently unknown, but many suspect their end game is to take control of the Ironpact.

The Dragon Speakers

The Dragon speakers are rare, and are acknowledged as a race really as an honorarium. They used to be the go betweens between human and Dragons, essentially being Dragon half breeds. In time, they are almost all not more than human with a tad of Dragon’s blood in them, but many claim the Dragons still speak to them in dreams and will return. They point to the recent discovery of the first Runestone as an example of what is to come. They support the Stone Table.

The Elemental Weathers – The Elementals Weathers are beings of pure nature. They rarely show any allegience, but occasionally one will show up the Stone Table or the Ironpact, when they have something they wish to discuss. They are true keepers of balance, which is the only reason they are allowed to flit between the two factions at a whim (well, that and the fact they are extremely powerful individually, so it is better to keep them pacified, so mass destruction does not happen).

The four Weathers are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, but no one has been able to tell if there are more than one each of these beings which look alike, so it may be many beings of this power which are being dealt with, or it may be just four.

The Human Nations

There are Ten Human Nations plus the Disappeared Brass Kingdom which belongs to the Stone Table. Humans, being highly individualistic, act much as humans do. Alliances are constantly shifting, and at time some of the Kingdoms line up against the others, but the Stone Table has held the peace for the past 350 years. The kingdoms are:

The Kingdom of Mu-Tan – This kingdom is similar to many of the cultural things you may see in ancient China and Japan. The Warrior Caste is setup like in Ancient Japan, with Samurai and Ronin operating under a Daiymo, who are all under the umbrella of the Shogunate, which is overseen by the Shogun, and above him the Emperor.

Brand is a kingdom that is Matriarchal. Women rule in Brand and men are treated at best as Second Class citizens and at worst are used as slaves and Chattel. It is run by a Senate of 13 women who vote on issues and are elected by Landholding (female) citizen. Male citizens who hold property are allowed to vote, but their vote only counts as 2/5ths of a vote.

The Republic of the Scales is a Kingdom where all believe that balance is critical. There are two Senates, one made of one hundred Women, one made of one hundred Men. There are two Co-Consuls which lead the Kingdom, a male and a female. All is balnce, and anything which could conceivably throw that balance off in this kingdom, could be considered a crime.

The Walled Kingdom is a Monarchy, where a ruthless tyrant known only as the Hooded Lord rules, as no-one has seen his face. It is rumored that those who come too close to the outer walls of the kingdom are forcibly abducted to be used at the whim of the Hooded Lord for use in the sadistic games he is rumored to play. It is said, once someone enters the Walled City, they become a citizen of it and are never permitted to leave again.

The Wandering Tribes, are groups of nomads who wander from land to land, but consider themselves one nation. They are often oracles or fortune tellers, but often are not trusted and are thought to be thieves and tricksters. None the less, just due to the sheer numbers of this group, if a crime is committed, they are handed over to other members of their tribe for judgement, and not tried by the local authorities (excepting The Walled Kingdom).

The Wild Lands is a land which is an Patriarchy. The Great Father watches over all, and all live by the law of the Jungle. Might makes right, and weakness is despised. These people are not cruel, but observe nature and attempt to copy it as best they can within the structures of a society. Tools and structures are used, but tend to be crude, and every person is expected to defend their share, or have it taken from them, but rape, and murder are outlawed upon penalty of death.

The Land of the Great Dragon is run by a Theocracy, that is puritanical in nature. It believes all should be purifying themselves and preparing for the Return of the Great Creator Dragon, and all immoral acts should be punished harshly. The High Wyrm (they believe that people are not worthy to be referred to by the title of Dragon) oversees the land and The Wyrm’s Fang (the Military Arm of the Country) keeps an overly watchfall eye on all of it’s citizens.

The Grey Freehold is the freest land in the World, possibly excepting the Wild lands. It is the largest of the Nine Kingdoms that remain, and has great cities. The people here prosper, but crime also thrives as does research, both magical and otherwise. It is ruled by an Oligarchy who sit comfortably away from the riff-raff, but the ruling Council is masked, and the masks pass to their children when they die, or are unable to attend to their duties. If one dies without offspring, the remainder of the Council chooses a new member, who may not decline once chosen. If they decline, or if they reveal others on the council’s identity, heir life is forfeit, as these rulers will be targets for those who do not like their policies.

The Empire of the Fallen Star is an Empire which was founded on where a star had fallen. It is much like Rome was at the height of it’s Glory. It extends far, and it is prosperous. It has several castes of Society, and an Emperor over sees a senate and priesthood who all rule in turn over the other classes and slaves.

The Waterstone are sailors, merchants, and pirates who have created their own kingdom. They claim the oceans, and have a Capital city called Whitecap, whose location is known only to members of this nation and is said to be made out of thousands of ship wrecks which are all connected by gangplanks. None may sail the ocean without the consent of the Waterstone nation, which is generally given, unless they petitioner is known to be a pirate who doesn’t pay a share of their booty or has in some other way crossed the nation. It is headed by the Admiral, with a consulate of Captains and Bosuns who help rule. There are land bound member called Cosairs, who are the members who gain permission for landed nations to cross the oceans. Any who do so without their permission risk their extreme displeasure.

The Brass Kingdom was the height of civilization and technology. It had stood for hundreds of years and was unparalleled in it’s scientific and magical advances, particularly in making Machinery and automatons. It was the largest kingdom out of all the kingdoms in the world, and about three hundred years ago simply disappeared. The whole City simply vanished, leaving just a mound of dirt behind within a few hours. None have yet solved the mystery of what happened to the Brass Kingdom, but from time to time, certain artifacts of theirs can be seen striding across the land, sailing through the air, or riding the waves of the Sea.

The Sentalia

The Sentanalia were a race thought ot have lived on the continent of Lucera. They were thought to have been a lizard-like race charged by the Great Mother Dragon with guiding the other races to peace. The popular theory is that they were decimated when an unknown cataclysm wiped out all life on the continent of Lucera.


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