The Protectorate

The Protectorate is a knightly order sworn to protect Society and restore the world to the form glory that was had under the Brass Kingdom. It is subdivided into three orders: The Order of The Looking-Glass, who study clues, maps, and manuscripts to find where important artifacts from the past may be located.

The Order of the Rose is the military arm of the Protectorate and the largest of the three branches. Members of this part of the Order hunt down any threats to the human nations and are charged with destroying them. They are largely given free reign, assuming they have acted with proper decorum in the past, but occasionally commands are given from the commanders, and those orders are expected to be obeyed without question.

The Kinship of the Shovel are those that go and find the artifacts that the Order of the Looking Glass have located. They are given a target specifically, and until that item is located cannot be recalled, except the council that sends them.

Order of the Pure Dawn

The Order of the Pure Dawn are a (full) Humans rights group . . . or so they claim. They terrorize races which are not full humans, robbing them, beating and humiliating them, and at times going so far as to murder them. They see all other races as lesser, but due to outcry against them over the past 100 years, try to promote themselves as a Human pride group rather than the Hate group most know them to be.

The Dragon Watch

The Dragon Watch is a Quasi-Religious order who believes that the return of the Great Mother Dragon is imminent, now that the first Runestone has been found. It was founded a mere four years ago, but in that that time has gained a significant following of over 2000 members across Mallorion. While relatively small compared to some other sects, it seems to be picking up steam and may at some point move into being a regular religious cult.

The Reclaimers of Rights

The Reclaimer of Rights are a group which was founder by Goblins dedicated to protecting the rights of all non-humans, through Legal, and if necessary, physical means. Unfortunately, as the Group is Goblin led, it is not structured as well as it could be, and confusion often ensues.

The Conclave of the Delvers

The Conclave of the Delvers in theory is a loose confederation of amateur archaeologists which exchange information and tips at their meetings. In truth, it is in practice more of a group of Tomb Raiders and thieves who use the knowledge to swipe artifacts and re-sell them on the black market.

The Lodge

The Lodge in many ways the last Social link to the Brass Kingdom; Formed by the Brass Kingdom, at it’s height, there are four divisions.

There are the Lords’ Club and the Ladies Club. Both of these are social unisex clubs, designed not only to promote status and make contacts with other high ranking members of society, but also to regale each other with stories of Bravery and good company.

There is the Horn of the Huntsman, which was open to all members and was designed for hunts; a Board , or other vicious beast would be let loos in an area, and later a hunt would be called to hunt and kill it.

There was also the Explorer’s society, which would put together, fund, and go on expeditions in order to gain a greater knowledge of the past and prestige.

The Communion of the Seekers of Wisdom

The communion of the Seekers of wisdom is a think-tank for all those in the arcane arts. Techniques and knowledge is shared, and occasionally experiments are conducted. The group seems to have become more closed and secretive since the discovery of the Runestone, and although anyone who works with these arts can submit an application to join, fewer and fewer are being admitted recently.

The Grey Company

The Grey Company is a the largest group of Mercenaries in Mallorion. Drawing all races, they live by a strict code of conduct. A Job’s a job. No Job will be refused, and once the contract is signed, it cannot be called off. Payment is due before the job begins, or the contract is not considered valid. Anyone who is in the company who acts against these rules are executed if found guilty by a jury of their peers.

The Oath of the Mast

This is only open to those who are port of the Waterstone Kingdom, or those who have been granted permission by a Corsair. Those who join are essentially sworn Knights of the Waterstone, Sworn to protect the kingdom.

The Dim Wind

The Dim Wind is a guild of assassins who work in consort with each other. Contacts must be paid in advance, and a window of opportunity must be provided. If the window shuts or there is not a way to effectively remove the target within that time, the contract is considered completed, even if the target remains alive. However, if there is a way to complete it, even at the cost of their own life, the member assigned to that contract is honor bound to take it

The Company of the Taken

After the Runestone was uncovered, some people began to just fade out of the world for a while, even in front of others. This became called The Fading. The people always return, but occasionally slightly changed, with scars or small grafts in their bodies. They cannot remember where they were when they were taken. The company of the Taken is a group of The Faded who are trying to piece together where they have been. Only people who have Faded at least once are eligible for membership.

The Merchants of the Day

The Merchants of the Day is the Merchants Guild. All Mercahnts are eligible to join and they help set prices on equipment, insurance rates and trade goods and do other business regard to trade, barter and business..

The Night Merchants

The Merchants of the Night are the Criminal Underworld and Black Market – They deal in illicit substances, Drugs, Dark Magics, and potions, and other things of a dubious nature.


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