The basic geography of Mallorion is fairly simple. In most ways, it is similar to our world with a few exceptions. The directions in Mallorion are referred to as the following: Sunsail (North), Nightcall (South), Moonlocke (East), and Starfall (West). When referring to the secondary directions on a compass, it is customary to put the word “by” in-between them (i.e., Northwest is Sunsail by Starfall).

It has four main continents, one in each quarter of it’s globe. In the Sunsail by Starfall (Northwest) quadrant, there is the continent of Thera. This is the continent we will begin our game on, and what this briefing specifically relates to.

Thera has three unusual things known about it’s geography: The Crystal Spires, The Blood Lakes, and The Lighting Lakes.

The Crystal Spires are mountain ranges made entirely of Crystal. They are extremly sharp like Razors, and trying to climb them requires highly specialized padded climbing equipment which needs to be replaced frequently. There have been many cases of people who climbed p, but were unable to make the climb down due to their equipment being shredded, and dying on the mountains as a result. The spires are also just dangerous by being in proximity to them. Occasionally, Splinterstorms flare up, which are essentially sandstorms, but instead of sand drive razor sharp crystals in them. These will tear through anything – flesh, bone, wood, metal – only excepting diamond and solid stone.

The Blood Lakes are lakes which are lake any other, except, their water is blood red. It is thought that certain stones may taint the water’s color, but no ill effects are known to have occurred from ingesting the water.

The Lightning Lakes are said to have started happening over the past three centuries. A previously normal lake will become electrified, shocking any who touch it’s waters to death. Oddly, if water is drawn from the lake with a non conductive source (like a completely wooden bucket), the water is safe to drink or otherwise use. Once a lake has become a lightning lake, it never reverts back.

The Second Continent, Belfar, is located in the Nightcall by Starfall (Southwest), and is known to be a primarily dead area made of rock and sand, mountain and desert. It is thought that only a few uncivilized tribes make their home here, and are not worth bothering about.

The Third Continent, Lucera is a lush tropical and jungle land in the Sunsail by Moonlocke (Northeast) quadrant. Once a thriving culture had lived there, the Sentalia, a lizard-like race, who had claimed that land as their own. According to legend, they had been created by the Great Mother Dragon, to guide the other races to peace and truth, and in reward for their service, had been granted a paradise land full of wonders, that they, and they alone had access to. Thought to be long dead, expeditions have been sent to Lucera and some claim that there are untold riches an marvels for the taking, while others who have been there dismiss these as wild claims. Some claim that it teems with wildlife, while others who claim to have been there say they haven’t seen so much as a bird. All agree there is a feeling of being observed while on the continent, but none have been able to see who observes them.

The last Continent, Fellmoor, is located in the Nightcall by Moonlocke (SouthEast) quadrant. It is said that the sun never shines here, and the land is always cold as a result. Some stories tell of tribes of these creatures that survive by creating huge bonfires, while others say that no fire -ever can be created in this place. It is said that dark creatures dwell here, ready to make dark bargains that are never beneficial to the one who makes it, in return for unbelievable amounts of power and knowledge . . . for a time. A few mages currently in the world claim to have been darksealed (in a pact with) these creatures, but who knows the truth of it for sure?

In the exact center of the world, there is the Axis, an island which has a river that through some trick of geography, flows into itself like a circle. It is colloquially also known as the Dragon’s Eye, Bullseye, or the Target.


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