Mallarion was created by the Great Mother Creator Dragon, who breathed life in to her and all of her creatures. Exhausted by her great work, she created the Four Observer Dragons to watch the world while she slumbered for Aeons to regain her strength. Upon completion of making Darkness, Light, Earth and Sky, the four that would watch and guide her races, she did one final act before she laid down among the stars for her Aeons long slumber, until she would awaken watch over all of her children once more.

She made the Runestones, and the Keystones as a way of awakening her should the need arise. Each Runestone had four Keystones, and when four Keystones were combined with a Runestone, would help awaken the Great Mother Dragon, and release powerful magical effects, but their exact nature has been lost to the mists of time. After the completion of these, the last of her energy spent, she fell into sleep, from which she has not yet awakened.

The Four Observers watched over all the races for thousands of years: The Orcs, Goblins, Halflings, Elves, Merfolk, Gnomes, Skinchangers, Elementals, Humans, Djinn, Salamanders, Fey, Pixies, and the Lesser Dragons, as well as all of the other assorted races. Each one watched over a continent; Light watched over the continent of Thera. Darkness watched over the continent of Fellmoor. Earth Watched over the continent of Lucera, and The continent of Belfar was watched over by Sky. Peace ensued throughout the lands.

In time, the Observers grew restless and wanted to explore other things, new realities. they began to resent their duties as watchers and guides of the younger child-races. They decided to leave this world for new horizons. Unsure of when, or if, they’d return, the created a new race, the Sentalia, a lizard race meant to guide the other races and watch in their stead. They buried the Runestones, so there would be no chance that the Great Mother Creator Dragon would know of what they had done, and once the Sentalia were settled on Lucera, the Observers left, and have not been heard from since.

However, things did not work as planned. Without the power of the Observers to threaten the races, they all became more aggressive, and tensions ensued. Wars broke out, and kingdoms clashed in fire and blood. In response, the Sentalia turned to a small group of talented artificers to create machines that would help the races to smooth tensions as well as create peacekeeping forces where needed. The circle of artificers over time grew to keep up with the production of things needed, and in time became the Brass Kingdom. The Brass Kingdom grew to become the largest nation in the world.

The Brass Kingdom used Magestone to power it’s devices. There were two types: Sparkletone, which was far less potent, but much more stable, and Firestone, which was much more powerful, but very iunstable, and accidental jostling or discharge could have traumatic effects.

Over time, the Sentalia realized that with the Brass Kingdom under their orders, they had the upper hand; they begun discussing plans to invade, and conquer the rest of the world..

It never happened. The continent of Lucera was destroyed in a great Cataclysm of unknown origin. and the continent was left barren for a Millennium.

Without the guidance of the Sentalia, the Brass Kingdom slowly consumed itself, too many heads without direction, or unified plan, crippled it. Different agends brought it’s production to a standstill. The differen tribes and nations warred with one another. And then, three hundred years ago, the unthinkable happened. The Brass Kingdom disappeared, quite literally overnight.all of it’s provinces, cities and towns simply vanished. No one knows what happened, but only the few devices that were not in the cities of the Brass Kingdom remain. All that was left when the Cities of the Brass Kingdom vanished were large mounds of dirt, and The Lodge, one of the guilds and societies which had formed over time.

The wars between clans intensified. and then it happened; with the The Brass Kingdom, and the Sentalia gone, the last link to the Magic of the dragons that had so long watched the world, the Magic began to fade. The races which were closely tied to magic, one by one, withered and died, becoming extinct. The only exception were the Gnomes, who many suspected survived due to stockpiling Magestone and feeding off of it, but even their numbers diminished out of necessity. The only magic left in the world was left in the few sparkle stones and even fewer Firestones which remained.

As the races died, the remaining ones realized that the wars were killing too many as well. The Stone Table was formed by the Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Merfolk, Gnomes, and some of the Skinchangers. Banded together, they could have retribution on any who would dare break their peace.

In response, the Orcs, Goblins, Free Willed Undead, and some Skin Changers formed the Ironpact, so they would not be hunted down by those in the Stone Table.

An uneasy cold war has existed between the two conclaves since their inception, but for now there has been peace, more or less, excepting a few skirmishes here and there.

Five years ago, while laying the foundation for a a castle which was never completed, the first of the Runestones was found by workers from the human nation of Brand, and as it was uncovered, Magic began trickling back into the world. New deposits of Magestone are being discovered for the first time in hundreds of years, and the use of magic without Magestone, while difficult, is possible, and getting easier. The magic is flowing back into the world.

Within the past three years, a group known as the Dragon Speakers have begun coming to the Stone Table. They claim to speak for the Dragons and foretell of their return. They have been accepted mostly as a courtesy. They claim they once were the go-betweens for humans and dragons and will be again, although none can verify their claims.